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This is just a gentle reminder that we are currently gearing up for our first ‘Vintage Repair Cafe’ event at Kelham Island Industrial Museum this coming Sunday. It’s our club’s 1st birthday, so we decided to change our monthly meeting into something a bit more special and team up with some of the people from Repair Sheffield, who hold regular bi-monthly repair cafe’s over at Heeley City Farm.

Dave, who is our vintage steam toy expert, has been asked on a number of occasions if he knows where old live steam models can be repaired, so we decided to hold a special event where you can either get them fixed or get some free advice on the necessary repairs.

It’s not just steam toys though! The vintage repair cafe is open for the repair of anything over 20 years old, so no modern electronic devices please. However we’re more than happy to take a look at vintage reel to reel tape machines, old record players and the like.

As well as Dave working on steam toys, we will also have experts on old telephones, vintage sewing machines (so get that old hand-cranked Singer out of the loft!) and even old mechanical braille available to help and answer questions.

Entry to the event is free. If you bring an item for repair that requires specialist parts then you may have to pay for these but the actual repair is free, although we do accept voluntary donations.

If you would like any more information about the event then contact us by clicking here.

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