Kelham Christmas Market

The club attended the Christmas market at Kelham Island Industrial Museum again this year. The display took two days to set up and another two to take does, so that is 6 days work in total for those involved.

This was also the first use of Alan’s display trailer, which was the main platform used to support the items we exhibited. Andy towed the trailer from Heeley to Kelham Island and back again, a journey which has shown up a few tweeks that need making to the trailer to make it tow a bit better. In general though it’s a very good platform and is realatively quick to set up.

Unfortunately the event was not as good as last year, with far less trade stalls and other attractions in attendance. One notable loss was the fairground, which was normally situated on the end of the island and attracted in a lot of people with it’s music and coloured lights.

Despite the reductions, we still had a good weekend, with quite a few visitors around on Sunday, which was the second and final day of the event.

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