Off Your Trolley!

Moving things from place to place is one of the big problems for many collectors. As their collections grow they become more and more immobile. This is a particular problem for our club members, who regularly take items to locations all over Sheffield and sometimes beyond.

One of the ways Alan solved the transport problem was by building himself a motorised trolley out of an old invalid scooter. It worked quite well, but he decided it needed an upgrade. The idea for the rebuild was to make the trolley more versatile. It would receive a tractor / trailer configuration, allowing the small tractor unit to be placed in the back of a car whan a lift was available and the trailer unit converted to a car trailer to tow behind. However when no lift was available the trolley had to work as a pedestrian truck.

Alan had already made the tractor unit, but the trailer needed a bit more thought. An ordinalry car trailer could not be used because it would be too wide. Most trailes are a minimum of 4 foot across, but this one had to be no more than three to get through various doors and gateways. The tow hitch also had to be extendable for towing with a vehicle but shortened when being used as a pedestrian trolley to keep the overall length down and also make it easier to store.

So on 17th October Andy and Alan set to work with angle-grinder and welder to construct the new trailer. The design features a central spine, across which outriggers were fitted to support the carrying cage. At the end of these outriggers are uprights which will eventually support bed extensions for carrying extra wide loads. A central axle beam was also fitted, plus suspension unit mounting plates, which will carry the integral stub axles and suspension units, bringing the previous plastic trilley wheels up to road standards with proper trailer tyres.

After a full days work, gallons of tea and generous helpings of Sandra’s sausage surprise, the frame of the trolley was complete and ready for painting.

The new frame of Alan’s trolley trailer under construction.

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