Club day at Heeley 23/02/19

Dave testing Andy's railroad

Dave testing newly laid track on Andy’s model railroad

We had another good club day at Heeley City Farm in February. Alan dug some of his vintage braille writing machines out of the loft while Peter brought along more of his advertising displays, this time involving toffee, which actually included a slab of the equally vintage product, still in it’s wrapper.

Andy’s US outline model railroad was also on display with track laying and wiring continuing at quite a pace. By mid-afternoon two sections were fully wired, allowing testing to take place, which Dave undertook while taking a break from steaming his Mamod models outside.

Dave's models and Peter's tins

Dave’s steam models and Peter’s vintage advertising display.

Peter's toffee advertising display.

A closer look at Peter’s advertising display, including a genuine slab of vintage toffee.

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