Trolley troubles

Alan's trolley

The completed trailer part of Alan’s trolley at our club day at Heeley City Farm.

There is good news and there is bad news. The giod news is Alan’s trolley is now complete. The trailer unit has been fitted out with a body while the tractor, which is a short 4-wheel power unit, is also ready for service. The bad news is that on it’s inaugural run from Alan’s house to our club day in Heeley, a few design flaws came to light.

First problem is the thing is heavy. The chassis is welded up out of steel box sections and this has added a lot of weight. The result is the range had decreased a lot. However the biggest problem is the lack of traction on the tractor unit. Because only one axle is powered the tractor has a tendency to wheel-spin. One wheel also locks up under electric braking, which is a feature left over from when the unit had a previous life as a mobility scooter.

So the decision has been made to rebuild the tractor back into a rigid long-wheelbase trolley, which is pretty much what it was before we modified it! However, as the traler is reasonably successful that part will be left alone, with the thought that it coukd be coupled to the back of the new rigid trolley at a later date.

Work on the project continues, so check back soon for an update.

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