Club Report & Latest Restorations

It was our club day at Heeley City Farm yesterday. Despite the fact that Dave, Josh and Harry could not be with us we still managed to put on a varied and interesting display. I was there with the usual telephone collection, Alan brought along part of gis model railway and some of gis flags and novelty memory sticks, Sandra brought her miniature shoes and soft toys and Peter came along with his vintage valve radios.

Unfortunately the farm was very quiet, so there were not many visitors came through the door. But that allowed me to get on with a few little restoration jobs. One wall phone had a handset fitted during the day and a couplebof unrestored phones had their cases polished to make them look a bit more presentable.

Also newly restored is an addition to my collection of vintage oil lamps. A couple of weeks ago I was given a twin-burner oil lamp complete with glass shade and chimney. This has now been restored, including the fitting of plaster inside the brass base to give it some weight. These lamps don’t travel to club events because of the problem of transporting the irreplacable glass shades. They look good sitting on the window sill though.


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